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In the world
of online

We create advertising
for companies
that have previously
outside the Internet.

We optimize
and enhance the effectiveness
of advertisements, scaling the revenues
for those who have been
advertising online for a long time.

Action strategy

Why are we effective?

We plan actions, select target groups, and conduct simulations of your customers’ behavior. Through a better understanding of your products, we verify the previous actions positioning your brand in the market.

We create content for attractive advertisements that enhance the potential of advertising activities. We design graphics that capture attention. Videos and animations that engage audiences. Our content sells.

We create online advertisements and then efficiently optimize their performance to achieve the best results with a relatively low financial investment. We conduct numerous tests and measurements of advertising effectiveness with small budgets before scaling them. This way, your money is invested wisely.


Number of campaigns executed per month


Millions of earned money per month for our clients

What can we do for you?

Supported advertising networks

Social media

Advertising on social media platforms

We create one-time and recurring campaigns on the advertising networks of Facebook/Instagram and LinkedIn.

We build campaigns by configuring and testing ads using materials we create for the client. We tailor the type of content and visual communication to the mechanisms of advertising networks and the needs of clients based on our knowledge and experience, as well as the expectations of our clients.

Google Ads

Advertising on Google

We execute every form of advertising on the Google Ads network. With years of experience in creating effective campaigns, we will handle all activities related to the configuration and optimization of ads on your behalf. We will explain the principles of their operation and present clear results of our work along with appropriate recommendations for the future.

External networks

Advertising in traditional media and influencer marketing

We create campaigns using advertising networks ranging from media holdings to individual creators. We purchase ads, negotiate advertising rates, ensuring the best possible terms for your cooperation.

In the realm of influencer marketing, we provide support in:
-Searching for and selecting authentic influencers for your brand,
-Campaign planning and evaluating its effects,
-Handling contracts and ensuring security in collaboration with various entities, along with documentation and financial and barter agreement settlement with influencers.

Improving results

on long-term


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