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We communicate brands
with their audiences

We will reach your customers

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Social media management

We improve your results by creating valuable content

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Your brand through the eyes of know.it

We build a transparent image of your brand in the eyes of customers through consistency and coherence in communication.

We build reach

We reach your customers

We create content that captures the attention of potential customers. We showcase the values of your brand that set you apart from the competition.

Content quality

Well-prepared content

We film, photograph, design graphics, and create professional texts, extracting the best from your brand.

We enhance effectiveness

We stimulate action

We engage, respond to comments, and create ads that effectively reach new audiences for your brand.

Our capabilities

A team of professionals
works for your brand.

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A full-service
studio for photo | video | design | copywriting
is dedicated to your success on social media.

Unbeatable pricing conditions

Thanks to optimization processes, we are able to offer our services at highly competitive prices, providing support comparable to major media houses. We surprise our clients with a range of offerings in cost-effective packages tailored for the SME sector.

All-encompassing support

By availing our services, your communication with audiences undergoes a multi-stage audit, providing a comprehensive assessment of published content in terms of language, graphics, editing, advertising, marketing, persuasion, and PR.

We remain in constant communication

We are known for excellent customer communication. We are available at your fingertips, operating swiftly and efficiently in a newsroom-style editorial system that executes communication similar to printed newspapers on a weekly schedule.

What do we do to be effective?

Our work
in 3 steps.

Step 1.

Communication plan tailored to the industry and brand

Our actions are tailored to the sector, industry, and character of the brand. We assess what is most important, best, and most valuable in your brand. We understand that social media is where a brand builds relationships with its audience. Let's get to know your character and plan how to present it most advantageously.

Step 2.

We conduct cyclical and consistent communication

We build relationships with audiences through cyclical and valuable communication. We educate, entertain, and sometimes explain to the audience what the product entails. The strategy at this stage is closely dependent on the type of product or service the client provides. During this phase, we also make numerous attempts to engage the audience or take actions to expand the audience base. We respond to comments and utilize our know-how to gradually increase the brand's potential on social media.

Step 3.

We distribute the advertising budget and analyze the results

Organic actions are typically accompanied by spending from the advertising budget. In this scope, we test low advertising budgets, and when they prove effective, we scale them. All to maximize the use of your budget with respect to the funds entrusted to us.

What is unique?

Our success lies
in collaboration with the client

We work with clients in weekly time intervals. Our clients benefit from a range of conveniences such as periodic photo and video sessions, substantive support in marketing, all included in the subscription price without long-term commitments.

  • Weekly time intervals,
  • Monthly settlements without long-term commitments,
  • Photo and video sessions included in the price,
  • Substantive support included in the price,
  • Knowledge and experience shared, not hidden from the client,
  • Comprehensive support for other advertising and printing activities at preferential prices and deadlines.
Above all, comprehensively and holistically

We think broadly
about advertising

We know that social media is not everything. We offer each client a package of marketing and advertising solutions tailored to the industry and brand. To start, you receive a complete diagnosis and recommended actions from us. It’s like getting a free marketing plan worth thousands of złoty.

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